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Basil Leaves
Are you hoping to connect with your residents through a garden?
CommunitIES THROUGH gardenS

Building a community garden can be a really challenging project. More than just a labor of love, caring for plants encompasses knowledge in plant science, experience in plant care, leadership, and also how to assemble a strong community to power initiatives that bring people together.

Tap on our experience, knowledge, and systems available to help you succeed. Sign-up and we will adopt your farm and provide crucial advisory on how to succeed in your community garden project.

Fund Application

Presentation and Consultation on fund availability and application procedures available to help you kick-start your garden with ease. 

Garden Design & Build

Social Planter provides design and build services to ensure your gardens are created with right.

Community Management

Managing communities can be a huge challenge. We design programs to ensure your garden community thrives.


Success with community gardens begin with learning how to grow and interact successfully.

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