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As urban farming gains popularity in our little island of Singapore, how our citizens will succeed in taking on the role of growing food to feed our people is a long, complicated journey of required knowledge, passion,  and relentless pursuit to reach the crossroads towards success.

Succeed requires 4 key factors:

  • A knowledge-based ecosystem so reliable education is prioritized.

  • Intelligent use of land space to ensure sustainability and efficiency.

  • Building mentors and self-governing teams.

  • Working on a circular economy model to ensure powerful sustainable practices are realized.


Strategy I - Use under-utilized space

There are pockets of available space in all urban spaces. Our app allows mapping and submission of available space by the community so that we can design and build efficient systems.


Strategy II - Knowlege is Key

We turn interests into action through a social iterative learning platform that provides the most comprehensive resource for the average growers. The biggest problem for most aspiring growers knowing how to grow it right, how to manage amendments, pests, and many problems to prevent and solve. The community educates one another with our solution database that can easily identify problems through our intuitive interface.

Strategy III - Community 

People need purpose to establish culture. Our work is using many of the modern business concepts to bridge people towards the common value of growing good and nutritious food to feed one another. Eating is so intimate, that to provide sustenance easily builds personal endeavor. 

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