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Garden Rescue

  • Why is the water level empty a few hours after I first water the pot?
    Fresh NewEarth Premix Ultra can be in a little dry. When you first put in your first aproximately 2 litres of water into the watering hole, all that water will slowly move from the well into your soil, therefore reducing the amount of water in the tank. If you notice that the water level has fallen to the lowest point, add in water again to around mid level of the water marker taking note not to over water.
  • My water meter does not seem to be working.
    You can remove the plastic cap of the water meter and agitate the orange tube a little. Sometimes debris can jam the tube or it may be stuck to the side of the housing when it dries up. If there is water, moving the orange tube will free the stick to float properly.
  • Can I remove the water meter cap completely?
    It is advisable not to remove the water meter cap as it prevents debris from entering the floating area. If you accidentally knock onto the orange tube, you may bend it out of shape. Keep the cap on to effectively gauge the level of water at all times.
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