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Mobiliser for calcium uptake in fruit and vegetable crops that need extended input

Calcium is a secondary nutrient crucial for crop development and is required in large amounts by all plants for the formation of cell walls and cell membranes. Calcium also plays a vital role in soil structure. 

However, being only xylem mobile (transportation of water and dissolved minerals through the roots, up the stem and to the leaves), Calcium can only move up the plant and cannot be remobilized once in place, meaning that new developing tissues will require new supplies of calcium for growth. As such, growing points and fruiting bodies tend to be affected the most once soil reserves are depleted. 

Due to calcium’s low mobility in the plant, we can see calcium deficiency even in soils with high calcium levels. Therefore, a need for a continuous supply of calcium accessible is extremely important to plants for healthy growth.

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Packing Quanity


1 Litre

Instructions for your soil base plants:

Dilute 1:75 or 4ml to the 300ml fine misting atomizer spray. Spray on plants daily with focus on the underside of leaves.

This is to ensure the solution is absorbed through the stomata of the leaves,

CaRecharge comes concentrated

Usage Calculation

4ml + 300ml water = 1 full atomiser spray bottle.

2 pumps per plant pot = 3ml of dissolved mix.

You get approx 100 day use per 300ml bottle

4ml *could last 100 days of daily spraying.

*estimates general requirements for 1 single hydrosoil hover pot. Feeding requirements can be adjusted according to your plants needs.


TIP 1: Dilute only when needed using dechlorinated water/rainwater.  

Keep pump in a shaded cool area.

TIP 2:  We provide a general feeding amount. Because different vegetables require different feeding requirements, it is fine to experiment increasing dosage per feeding to your plants.  

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