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Healthy wholesome food, free of health damaging chemicals is a human right. Food knowledge on a local level to educate the community of the value of good nutrient-dense food is also paramount in ensuring food security in an urban living landscape.

With a complex mission, comes a simple solution supported with complex science. Newearth Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2020 by Ruan Lim who saw this need to transform urban agriculture into a sustainable business platform.

Since 2011, Ruan has been in Thailand expanding his confectionery business all around Asia.  Having been a lifestyle and retail entrepreneur living in Thailand for 15 years also provided the culture to learn many things about farming and agriculture that is absent in Singapore.

The emergence of Covid19 finally compelled his return from Thailand, which accelerated his passion to create a social enterprise related to agriculture here in Singapore. A collaboration with renowned Australian microbiologist Dr. Ken Bellamy established "Social Planter" as an urban agri-platform. With access to industry-level tech, Ruan was able to combine a powerful technology to help our local urban farm industry thrive. 

Singapore is a country small in size, yet bold in stature and substantial influence.  Our ability to survive without resources is our recognition of our value to our sovereignty and our gumption to excel through collaborative innovation. The recognition of food security when borders started closing also spurred government policies to see 30% of our local food produced on our land.

Below are some initiatives that Ruan drove for the pass year to enable Social Planter to realize the project's mission:

Ruan Lim


Founder and CEO

Topsoil and Urban Vegetable growing specialist

Ruan designed and developed an event and urban agriculture space at Emporium "EmFarm"

JUNE 2020

Ruan joined the Citizen's Workgroup for increasing demand for local produce mid year of 2020. His group got selected for a pilot project for the Love SG Mum's meal. A project aimed to provide the first meal to all new mothers in Singapore. The project is now to be in collaboration with local farmers through SAFEF and Thompson Medical. 

JAN 2021

Growing vegetables for Urban spaces is a huge challenge. Using vertical systems and a specially designed hydrosoil system, Bishan RC Zone 1 is now at its 4 cycle having harvested abundant vegetables cycle after cycle with little issues.

DEC 2020

Appointed advisor for Pasir Ris Sports Center PRSC Gardening group, we are running several waste to resource programs and will run a 500 vegetable hydrosoil system designed by Ruan by August of 2021.

JUNE 2021

Working with Geylang Serai Resident Committee in collaboration with MP Fahmi Aliman and GSCC, Ruan built a new apartment vertical farming concept that residents are coming together to farm. First harvest is scheduled to happen in August 2021.