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Be an Advocate

Lead a powerful movement in your neighbourhood

The definition of a farmer is one that cultivates the land for crops or meat from livestock. For thousands of years, farmers had to live off the land and put in the physical labor required to reap harvests to feed the people. Today, farming is controlled by the largest food producers and with urban land scarcity is hard to imagine a farm in the midst of our concrete jungle.

At Social Planter, we are redefining what it means to be an urban farmer. Instead of actual farming, can the role be transformed into an advocacy cultivating skills in the community to grow food themselves, thereby producing food using space and labor provided by the people. And in this exchange and contribution, the community contributes back to the Advocate's lifelihood.

If you believe that ​you are ready to lead your community to grow healthy, nutrient-dense vegetables, sign up as an Advocate with Social Planter now and being your farming adventure right in your neighbourhood.

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