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Vegetable Garden




Action to grow at 150,000 locations in Singapore

Join Singapore's largest urban vegetable growing movement by redefining what how an urban farmer contributes to food 

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No more need for green thumbs!

Tired of vegetables dying or insects and pests invading before being able to eat them? Being able to grow your own vegetables at home, in the yard, or right along the corridor can be less complicated than you think.

Simple to use, self-watering system that combines microbial-rich topsoil and probiotic amendments, grow delicious, nutrient-rich, organic plants for a healthier you.

"Access to food free of health-damaging chemicals is a basic right".


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Buy a 2 pot starter system that comes with everything you need to grow vegetables for more than a year.


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Simple to install, easy to grow


Pour in the Newearth Topsoil

Fill up the Hydrosoil Planter with water

Dig some holes for your seedlings

Plant in your seedlings gently

Make sure the planter has enough sun

The Mission

Reaching 30by30 goals with the community

  • Teaching locals to grow their own food

  • Drive food security that starts from home

  • Leading communities to grow food together

  • Converting food waste into a valuable resource for growing food

  • Raising awareness on soil health and protecting our topsoil reserves

To reach 30% local food production by 2030, we must embrace not only the technologies that make it happen but to educate and bring communities together to embrace food production on a personal level. 

At Social Planter, we believe that urban living spaces are integral in our food-growing story. For food also has to connect our living with a circular system, waste must be converted into value/ 


People grow only when they learn so our knowledge base combined with cutting edge biological tech

The Mission

Social Planter's National Target

Growing sustainably at every doorstep.


planters growing vegetables and herbs across Singapore


2.5 million kg
food waste converted into growing topsoil 

2300 tonnes
organic greens grown annually

Topsoil & Beneficial Microbes

  • Low maintenance

  • 70% less water use

  • Low fallow period

  • Hight yield

  • Start small, easy and quick to scale

No need for fancy & expensive equipment to grow plants. Instead, we solve the biological needs that nature provides using advanced microbial technology from Australia. Using pre-fostered topsoil and a range of beneficial microbes to create the optimum environment to grow plants in a self-watering pot. 

How a 6 pot Hydrosoil System
will contribute to powerful change

Up to


Leafy greens grown annually

*16kg annual consumption per GDP


Annual Food & Organic Waste Converted


Carbon Footprint Reduced


Less plastic bags used to pack vegetables

Singapore's Largest Community Vegetable Growing Movement

With over 1 million highrise flats in Singapore, Social Planter aims to cover our walking corridors with a simple to use, highly productive vegetable planting system to supplement our food at home.

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Advocates are community leaders who share our ideals to bring meaningful projects to their communities. Sign up with us and reap benefits like:

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  • Collaborative projects by the community

  • Access to our Social learning platform

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