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The key to a sustainable system is understanding how our actions function within a circular economy. Every action, reaction,  process we take as people require resources to function. We have designed a gamified resource mapping system that documents steps in our processes, quantify its impact and to change behavior by conscious reduction.


Resources we focus on saving

Sustainable land/space use

Use of recycled local organic waste

Grow Local, Eat Local

Sustainable Use of Space

We focus on using land that is underutilized. Efficiency and productivity is key in this. Having a cohesive community that will use the space well is how we will suceed.


Recycling Food Waste

Our platforms support only local organic waste conversion platforms or technologies as our amendment programs. It is policy that our grow amendments are not imported. Every fruit or produce grown by Communifarms derives its resources from local food waste by-products.


Food Waste Recycling

Image of hands holding compost.jpg

Grow Local, Eat Local

By using local waste to produce high quality, nutrition-dense produce, and having a system to distribute it within closer range to neighbours and friends, we effectively reduce our huge carbon foot print in importing, distribution and waste processing.

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