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Organic probiotic formulation for soil enhancement and nutrient management

BioRecharge is an eco-friendly and innovative bio-accelerant made from combining recycled organics with a broad-range beneficial microbes. Containing extracts from fermentation of organic materials, BioRecharge  provides your soil with enzymes, amino-acids and a range of micro-nutrients that accelerate effective nutrient absorption. 

Designed for plants, BioRecharge is the go-to solution for creating and maintaining proper  biological foundations for nutrient transfer and water management in soil.

Packing Quanity

1 Litre

5 Litres

Instructions for your soil base plants:

Dilute BioRecharge at a 1:20 ratio (or 50ml to 1 litre of water). Lightly mist once or twice weekly onto soils and rooting area.

Hydrosoil Hover pot:

You can start with 5ml per week when you are doing your weekly watering. 

BioRecharge comes concentrated

Usage Calculation

5ml x 52 weeks (1 year) = 260ml

A 1 litre jerry can could last almost 4 years. 


TIP 1: Dilute only when needed using dechlorinated water/rainwater.  Preferable to use a pump spray starting with 1 litre of water. Keep pump in a shaded cool area.

TIP 2:  We provide a general feeding amount. Because different vegetables require different feeding requirements, it is fine to experiment increasing dosage per feeding to your plants.  

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