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Designed for plants, BioRecharge is the go-to solution for creating and maintaining proper  biological foundations for nutrient transfer and water management in soil.


Newearth BioRecharge is a probiotic, nutrient-rich organic solution with a stable colony of Photosynthetic bacteria that will transfer the sun's energy to feed and recharge microbes in your soil. Continuous fermentation present in the solution, when applied to the soil, has a tremendous impact on nutrient availability to the plants you feed it with.


Used consistently in tandem with Newearth, this encourages a robust microbial ecosystem to break down organic material into compounds recharges your soil to feed your plants and vegetables.

BioRecharge 120ml

  • Helps to enhance carbon sequestration and biological nitrogen fixation in the soil.

    Builds humus and enhances mycorrhizal activity in the critical root zone.

    Contributes to improved nutrient transfer, improved soil structure, better water holding capacity, and better overall soil health.

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