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High in pre and probiotic microbiological activity, NewEarth is awesome as a growing medium, encouraging healthy soil biology and beneficial mycelium colonisation resulting in a thriving plant rhizosphere.

NewEarth also fosters good bacteria as an antibiotic agent to protect your plant against disease, reduces reliance on expensive nutrient application over time while it naturally fixes carbon and provides nutrients required by the plant. Try out this amazing substrate and witness how easy it is to grow healthy, nutrient dense vegetables and plants.

Newearth (50Litres)

    1. Microbes incubates the activity responsible creation of water through hydrosynthesis.
    2. High Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) for effective nutrient transfer.
    3. Manufacture of antibiotic substances which help protect against disease.
    4. Manufacture of energy storage compounds like ATP.
    5. Fixation of Nitrogen from the air.
    6. Capture of CO2 from the air and use of it to make sugars.
    7. Mobilisation of Phosphorus reserves in soil
    1. Products are returnable up to 14 days from date of purchase. 
    2. Kindly ensure that the product seal is not broken and the product unused.
    3. Provide your proof of purchase and send the product down to our retail partners. 
    4. Contact +65 8887 9989 for return enquiries.
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