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Plants not growing well? Want healthier plants? It's simple - Boost your soil!


The Plant Rescue Duo Pack comes with a 2.3Litre pack of NewEarth Ultra and 120ml of BioRecharge. 

This combination of probiotic, natural organics ensure your plants and soil get the boost of nutrients and energy they need to flourish once again.


Try it and see the magic!

Plant Rescue Duo Pack

$15.80 Regular Price
$14.90Sale Price
    • Remediates existing soil
    • Nurse plants back to good health
    • Promotes nutrient intake
    • Encourages beneficial microbial activity
    • Products are returnable up to 14 days from date of purchase. 
    • Kindly ensure that the product seal is not broken and the product unused.
    • Provide your proof of purchase and send the product down to our retail partners. 
    • Contact +65 8893 6956 for return enquiries.
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